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Walk in tubs (A.K.A. Bathtub With Door)

walk in tubs

The "Walk in tub", also known as "Bathtub with Door" or Walk-in Bath is an exceptional solution to the safety and mobility concerns folks with disabilities have in using a conventional bath tub. People often try to convert their traditional bathtub into a tub for the disabled by adding grab bars and benches, however, conventional bathtubs were never designed to be safety baths or bathtubs for the disabled even with these band-aid style solutions. These walk in tubs enhance the opportunity for independence in lifetime bathing.

With several tub models available to choose from, you are sure to find a walk in tub with a door that best suits your needs. We offer the finest walk in tubs in the market!         

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We remain an Industry Leader with the widest selection of quality accessible safe bathing solutions available. Enjoy the accessibility, independence, and comfort of bathing safely while staying in your own home longer. 

You will enjoy the beauty and safety of our walk in tub models. We have tubs made in Canada and the United States that are of excellent quality with reliable warranties.

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"So-Lo Walk In Safety Tub"  

so-lo walk in tub





Features of this walk in tub - handicap tub with door model:

  • Designed to address the changing needs of the baby boomer generation and to answer demands in the construction industry for an accessible regular sized bathtub
  • Combination bath/shower
  • Accommodates those who want to shower or bathe without stepping over a bathtub wall
  • Unique optional Alcove with heated seat
  • Attractive, universal, easy access bathtub design
  • Fits a standard bathtub opening of 60" (without the optional deck)
  • Optional San Air 12 air jets, check valves, warm air blower and touch pad control - access panel on front for air jetted tub
  • Made in Canada
  • Solo Tub 59"w x 32"d x 18"h.

The newest product in the Walk in Bath series of accessible bathing products. Versatile design for use in residential settings, enriched retirement facilities, or adult and senior housing facilities where tenant needs are diverse and change over time.

"Grandeur Bariatric Walk-In Safety Bath Tub"
large walk in tub
  • That’s right – an affordable acrylic BARIATRIC tub!! The walk in tub design includes a LARGE FOOTPRINT and a SUPER LARGE interior space that is SHOCKING to see for the first time from Safety Bath! BEST LOW PRICE FOR a Bariatric walk-in tub on the market!
  • 35"W x 37"H x 55"L
  • Includes: access panels, 3 grab bars, single lever faucet, hand-held shower, dual easy reach pop up drains, 2" drain, left or right drain option
  • Outward swinging door for easy access

pricing for Fairmount walk in tub

specifications for Liberty walk in tub

Fairmount walk in tub

pricing for Fairmount walk in tub

Fairmount In-swing door - Assisted Living Walk In Tub

Factory tested, free standing with 17" ADA high seat.  Easy installation and is available in left or right hand drain options. Includes safety grab bars, hand held shower, high volume tub filler, front access panel, 2" drain system, 8" extension panel (optional extra).

Options:  Heated Air Jets

Walk in bath Materials: ABS composite acrylic with fiber glass backing

Dimensions: 51 ¼” x 29 ¾” x 37 ½” - TUB WITHOUT WALLS

Dimensions: 51 ¼” x 29 ¾” x 82 ½” - TUB WITH WALLS

Empty Tub Water Capacity: 50-60 gallons

walk in tub specifications

walk in tub with walls specifications

panama walk-in wheelchair transfer tub

pricing for Panama walk in tub

Panama walk in tub frequently asked questions

Panama Out-swing door - Transfer Walk In Tub

Factory tested, free standing with 17" ADA high seat.  Easy installation and is available in left or right hand drain options. Waterproof outward opening door - 32" - special passive locking system.  Includes safety grab bars, hand held shower, high volume tub filler, front access panel, 2" drain system, 8" extension panel (optional extra).

Options:  Heated Air Jets

Walk in bath Materials: ABS composite acrylic with fiber glass backing; door is made of aluminum, painted white coating

Dimensions: 51 ¼” x 29 ¾” x 37 ½” - TUB WITHOUT WALLS

Dimensions: 51 ¼” x 29 ¾” x 82 ½” - TUB WITH WALLS

Empty Tub Water Capacity: 50-60 gallons

walk in tub specifications

walk in tub with walls specifications


walk in tubs by best bath systems                                                                     Best Bath Handicap Showers and Walk In Tubs

"Escape" Walk in Tub by Best Bath



Walk In Tub Model #LTOW5030

pricing for Escape walk in tub

Safe bathing is achieved when you can depend on products designed with safety in mind. The Escape Walk in Tub is manufactured in America by a company who has been manufacturing bathing units since 1969. The Escape tub will exceed your expectations.Choose this walk in tub with a door today!

Walk in bath Water Usage: 60 gallons

Features of this walk in bath model:

  • Innovative new door handle designed for easy operation.
  • Reliable door seal that comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Seat height is designed for ease of seating and standing.Seat has 350 lb weight capacity.
  • Aesthetically pleasing wall surround kit available.
  • Designed to fit in the space of your current tub.
  • Uni-body construction meeting Hospital grade specifications.
  • Allows you the freedom to rehab at home.
  • Unique single piece fiberglass instruction for superior structural rigidity of the door opening.
  • Front access panels for easy installation and service.
  • Extra high 17" height seat for ease of use.
  • Cable operated remote drain open/close.
  • Thermostatic fill valve and diverter for hand shower.
  • Made in USA  


"Escape Plus " Walk in Bath by Best Bath

escape plus walk in tub

A total new adventure in bathing, the escape plus tub provides an easy and affordable way to leave the stress and burdens of the day behind. No more bending, climbing, slipping or pulling yourself up from the floor, our easy walk-thru door and lounge seating make the bathing experience unique. It’s what you’ve been wanting all along – comfort!

Walk In Tub Model #XTOW5030 —

pricing for Escape walk in tub

Escape  walk in tub installation guide



Walk in bath Features...

  • Rehab at home with the whirlpool options to create your own personal therapeutic spa.  Choose the optional hydro jets for a deep massaging action to soothe sore muscles and aching joints, and/or the optional air jet system with gentle air bubbles perfect for tender skin and stimulating blood circulation. Click here to see whirlpool action photo
  • Simple door seal ensures no leaks for the life of the tub.  No moving parts to wear out or maintain and the best part is the more water you fill into the tub the tighter the seal gets.

  • Decorative valves and fill spout with hand held shower are available for the tub.  Choose the upgraded thermostatically controlled valve which ensures the exact temperature you set every time you fill the tub. Availability varies. Click here to see hardware photo

  • Removable panels at both ends facilitate easy access to the plumbing, pump and jets.

  • Unique flip up seat design, coupled with the recess in the molded seat, allows extra room for the bather inside the well and provides room to more easily open and close the door. Click here to see flip up seat design
  • At 17.5 inches wide, the escape plus door is wider than most other brands, allowing for easier access.

  • Safety features such as a well placed safety bar for balancing and a non-skid floor for good footing are important elements for people of all abilities.

  • At 17 inches high, the comfortable, contoured, molded in seat assists the user in sitting down and standing up more easily.  The 29 inch depth of the tub provides for a deep soaking experience.

  • The revolutionary handle is designed for easy opening and closing to ensure a waterproof seal.  Our handle, made of 100% stainless steel, assures reliable service for years. Patent Pending.  Click here to see handle photo

  • The 31 inch depth makes the escape plus one of the deepest tubs available, offering the bather a more comfortable bathing experience.

  • Made in USA


"Liberty" Walk in Tub by Best Bath

.....Strength and beauty

liberty walk in tub


Great for smaller bathroom applications.


 pricing for Escape walk in tub

specifications for Liberty walk in tub

Fill volume with 170 lb bather is approximately: 76 gallons
Dimensions: 40 " h x 50 3/4 " w x 26 " d

Walk In Tub Model #XTW5026 L/R

Features of Liberty walk in tub:

  • Stainless steel cable operated tub drain mechanism with a lever handle for easy operation - no plastic.
  • Pre-installed plumbing with quick connect lines for E-Z professional installation.
  • Flip-up seat. This unique feature allows for easier ingress and egress. Patent pending.
  • Easy to maintain and clean, high luster, durable gel coat finish.
  • Extra deep for a full body soak.
  • Allows you the freedom to rehab at home.
  • Durable and user friendly door latch. All stainless and brass components, no plastic.  Should any adjustment ever be required it is easily done at the lever. Patent pending.
  • 26" wide dimension ensures access into most bathrooms without the costs of installing a larger door.  Removable front access panel allows the bowl dimension to be larger than all other 26" tubs.
  • Due to the superior strength and resistance to movement it has a door opening impervious to twisting and warping - life time warranty on the door seal ensures no leaking
  • Jetted models feature the new Syllent Pump: the quietest whirlpool pump available. This is the only pump available with a heat recycling feature to help maintain water temperature and avoid the need for an in-line heater. Thus pump has no seals to leak, no bearings to wear out and has a 10 year factory warranty.


"Big E" Walk in Tub by Best Bath

big e large walk in tub

pricing forBig E walk in tub

specifications for Big E walk in tub

The Largest Luxury Walk In Bath Tub in America

Walk in Bath Outside dimensions:

Basic tub 39" H x 60" W x 35" D

Big E walk in tub features

"ADL Spa" Accessible Tub

adl spa slide in tub with sliding door

pricing forBig E walk in tub

ADL Spa tub is a great way for wheelchair users to have safe access to bathing in a comfortable tub.  This tub provides a sliding access door that is completely out of the way for easy transfer.

                            adl spa tub with sliding door access

The "Supreme" Institutional Walk in Bathtub
Commercial Walk in tub

commercial walk in tub supreme

Commercial Supreme walk in tub brochure

specifications for Commercial Supreme walk in tub

pricing for Commercial Supreme walk in tub

Escape  walk in tub installation guide

The Supreme walk in bath is an institutional walk in bathtub, designed for the large percentage of clients in institutional settings who are being bathed in lift tubs but could access a walk in bathtub if one were available. The Supreme walk in tub offers dignity, privacy and a homelike appearance. Made in Canada.


For the Facility

  • Reduced drain and fill time as opposed to institutional lift tubs,
    allowing more baths per day per unit.
  • Requires very little space.
  • Environmentally friendly, uses 50% less water than a lift tub.
  • Economically viable - is less expensive than a lift tub and uses
    less sanitizing chemical in operation.
  • Ability to use an optional lift provides versatility and
    adaptability to changing needs.

For the Client

  • San-Air Whirlpool System eliminates the risk of bacteria (psuedomonas) found in regular whirlpool systems.
  • Easy access for the client, promotes, rather than thwarts, independence.
  • This tub provides a safe, comfortable, friendly environment.
  • Multiple jets provide therapeutic relief.
  • Clients love the privacy provided by the height of the tub which obscures the caregiver's line of sight.

For the Caregiver

  • Significantly lowers the risk of caregiver related injuries.

  • Clients as well as all operating components are within easy reach at all times.

  • Outward swing door makes emergency access possible.

  • Minimal or no lifting at all required if the client is ambulatory.


  • Supreme walk in tub Measures 42"W X 46.25 "H X 44.5 " L
  • Made of durable marine grade gel-coat fibreglass
  • CSA and UL approved
  • 12 jet San Air System - prohibits contaminated
    water from entering the whirlpool system.
    Multiple jets - 12 jets to provide more therapeutic value
  • Hot Air Purge - removes moisture at the whirlpool tip jets
  • Cleaning system
  • -Security Latch and grab bar in door eliminates accidental opening of the door and grab bar stabilizes the user when entering or exiting
  • Heated seat - provides a warm surface upon
  • Outward swing door & emergency drain - Allows
    for a smaller tub, uses 50% less water. Outward swing doors allow for emergency exit.
  • No reaching or stretching and less strain for the caregiver. Scald free pressure balanced faucet - Water remains at constant temperature, eliminating accidental scalding   

"Serenity" Walk in Safety Bath

serenity compact walk in tub

pricing for Serenity walk in tub

Serenity walk in tub installation guide

The Walk in Safety Bath tub has been designed to allow easy access for people who are presently having difficulty getting in and out of a regular bath tub. If a person is capable of walking with a walker, he or she will have no problem getting into and out of this tub with a door. Comes in white only. Specify right or left hand door. Measures 33.5"w x 29.75"d x 37.5"h.


Features of this Serenity Walk In Tub:

  • Hydro-therapy whirlpool system
  • Built-in no slip surface on floor and seat
  • Molded seat and back for maximum support and comfort
  • Pressure balancing and scald guard taps
  • Pop-up drain valve with built in overflow
  • Handicap Hand shower unit
  • Stainless steel door closure
  • Removable booster seat
  • External safety drain
  • All controls within easy reach
  • Self-contained unit is easily installed in any convenient location
  • Large door for walk in ease
  • Made in Canada


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