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  ADA Handicap Transfer Shower 38x38 by Accessible Environments

Accessible Environments, Inc. carries the finest in wheelchair accessible handicap ADA shower enclosures. The ADA handicap shower enclosure shall be Comfort Designs Model XST3838BFADA1.25 right or left. Finished surface shall be of a sanitary-grade polyester Gelcoat exhibiting a minimal thickness of 15 dry mills, and a finished cured Barcol hardness of 80-90 as tested with ASTM D-2583. Shower Unit construction shall be of molded reinforced fiberglass with a 15% minimum fiberglass content. Shower walls are constructed with 1/2" tri-cell honeycomb. Shower Unit has two molded corner soap dishes and 1 molded leg ledge a a textured floor. This shower unit shall have outside dimensions of 38" x 39" x 78 1/4". The base shall be attached to the sump of the unit in such a manner to form and intergral part with an inner and outer coating of reinfored polyester resin. The unit shall meet ANSI 117.1, ANSI 124.2, ADA, HUD, BOCA, NAHB, UPC, and shall meet the requirements of Southern Building Code. Please select the model/package of your choice below. Showers come in white standard. Photo is for display purposes only. Accessories are priced out separately. This shower will not work with shower doors.

The "Easy Base" eliminates the need for labor materils - slurry mix and extra time that's usually required during the normal mud set installation. The floor of this unit is self-sustaining. Once set in place, the shower with the Easy Base option may ony need to be shimmed. For the standard base - not the Easy Base, a non-shrinking thin set bedding slurry is required for installation.


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Item: XST3838BF.50
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Item/Model # Description
XST3838BF.50 – Base 3 Tricel walls, Reinforced for standard accessories
XST3838BF.50 – Base 2 3 ply CDX plywood “Full Wall Backing” Easy Base
XST3838BF.50 – Base 1 Tricel walls, Ease Base, Reinforced for standard accessories

Item Description
L-Shape Grab Bar 1 ¼” diameter comes in white, bone or stainless steel
Frameless Seat Choose from padded white; HDPE white plastic; Phenolic wood slat; Phenolic wood solid
Plumbing Fixtures Symmons valve package with hand shower
Water retainment water retainer; heavy gauge shower curtain and hooks; no caulk shower drain
Shower Gel Coat Color Options white, bone, biscuit/linen
Curtain Rod Choose from white, bone, stainless steel

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XST3838 ADA Transfer Shower

ADA Shower Accessories

ADA Shower Seat

ADA Shower Seat

Accessible Environments, Inc. carries the finest in wheelchair accessible handicap ADA shower enclosures.
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