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Handicap Accessible Remodeling and Construction Contractors

A licensed contractor or plumber in your local jurisdiction should be able to install any of our showers or tubs or other handicap products.  Our products come with installation instructions and dimension drawings from the respective manufacturer that explicitly describe the installation process. We believe the most effective means for you to have our tubs and showers installed is to hire your own contractor.  We believe in putting that control in your hands to effectively save you thousands of dollars in comparison with some of our competitors.  Wheelchair lifts may require an installer with an elevator or other special license, so local code authority should be contacted prior to purchasing a wheelchair lift to verify requirements for the installer/equipment. We have experienced contractor consultants on hand who have been in the construction business for more than 30 years.  Accessible Environments, Inc. began as a construction company in 1995 and has been a retailer of handicap accessible products since 1999 on line.

The best way to proceed with your remodel is to first, find the product you need on our Website and call our sales technicians to discuss your needs. Then, contact 2 or 3 remodeling contractors in your area to get estimates for installation. 

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