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Shower Water Dams - Water Stopper Kits -

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Accessible Environments, Inc. carries the finest in water stopper kits, shower water dams with vinyl blade and collapsible rubber water dams for residential and ADA commercial handicap applications. All shower water dams are designed specifically to help keep water in the shower while maintaining a wheelchair accessible shower.


handicap shower water stopper kit

  American Company for Handicap Products Made in the USA


Best Bath Water Stopper Kit for Low entry Showers



shower water dam water stopper kit pricing

shower water dam water stopper kit installation guide

Ideal for wheelchair or trolley access while still retaining water where it should stay. Instructions included. Water Retainer comes gray or beige. Comes in lengths that range from 3 Feet to 10 Feet. The universal water stopper kits are to be used for showers not purchased from Accessible Environments, Inc. As an example, if you have a 5 ft tile shower and need a water stopper kit, you would order the 5 ft universal kit in either gray or beige.

temporary shower dammore information about semi permanent threshold adaptor for handicap shower

Semi Permanent Threshold Adaptor

To be used in conjunction with the Best Bath water stopper kit for situations where wheelchair access may not be needed now, but is a real possibility in the future.  Simply install the rubber water stopper kit underneath the painted aluminum hard threshold (semi-permanent threshold adaptor) to have a temporary hard curb with a rubber water retainer for future use.

water dam for ADA or handicap shower


The optional end caps for showers with radius end walls, coupled with the Collapsible Dams neutral color, provide a finished look for barrier-free living at its best!


Elcoma Collapsible Water Dam for no threshold or low threshold showers

pricing for elcoma shower water dam water stopper kit

flip up bar specifications

Control water spillage, help prevent falls, and reduce facility liability and maintenance.

The Collapsible Dam is designed specifically for all types of barrier-free, curb-less showers that require water control. Collapses easily by foot or wheelchair, the Collapsible Dam features a strong self-adhesive, water resistant tape bottom that eliminates messy applied adhesives.

elcoma shower water dam

water dam for ada or handicap low threshold shower

American Company for Handicap Products Made in the USA

Shower Solutions Aluminum Water Dam with Vinyl Blade for no threshold or low threshold showers


shower water dam pricing


Barrier-free shower water dam, aluminum threshold, chrome track, and poly-vinyl chloride water blade for metal track. The dam lies flat when rolled over. Comes in either 5 ft or 6 ft lengths.



Weighted Shower Curtains, commercial grade for low threshold showers work well along with any of the above water dams (hang the curtain so that it hits just inside the water dam to hold the curtain in place on zero or low threshold showers.

weighted shower curtain for low threshold showers shower water dam water stopper kit pricing

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