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Handicap Pediatric Swing Set - Spring Swings™

Handicap Pediatric Swing Set Spring Swings™

With Spring Swings children can enjoy all the fun of traditional swings, but with a safe and exciting bouncing motion. Available with two different types of seats: DiscSeat Swing or SlingSeat Swing. The DiscSeat Spring Swing encourages vestibular stimulation, sensory integration, linear and vertical acceleration and rotational stimulation in either a home or institutional environment. It comes with a single spring unit. The SlingSeat Spring Swing offers the same features as the DiscSeat Spring Swing, except that it does not provide rotational stimualtion and it has a double spring unit.

Both models attach outdoors to tree limbs and swing set support beams, or indoors to ceilings with a proper support system. Each model supports children ages 3 - 8 years old, weighing 30 - 70 lbs.

P000365 - DiscSeat Spring Swing
P000366 - SlingSeat Spring Swing

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