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Handicap Transfer Products made by Healthcraft

Handicap transfer railHealthcraft Advantage Pole - handicap transfer rail

The Advantage Pole™ Bariatric is a floor mounted support pole to promote safe and independent standing and transfers.

Ability to convert pole to standard Advantage Rail™ "T" handle style in future as needs change. Features: Floor mounted pole with 450lbs/205kgs weight capacity. Handicap transfer product useful for:

  • Bedroom Safety
  • Bathroom Safety
  • Hospital Safety



Model #AR-AP-HD


The Healthcraft Advantage Rail

The Advantage Rail™ is a floor mounted support rail which promotes safe and independent standing and transfers. The key to the effectiveness of the Advantage Rail™ is in the unique operation of the horizontal rail.

The rail pivots to move with you in safe small steps providing moving support similar to a walker, yet it can lock in an instant in case of a loss of balance, need for rest, or to assist to a seated position.

Features: Floor mounted grab bar with pivoting and locking horizontal bar.

Ideal for: Handicap transfer product for Bedroom Safety, Bathroom Safety or Hospital Safety.

handicap transfer rail

Model #AR-T -


The Healthcraft "Dependa Bar"

The Dependa-Bar™ is a revolutionary combination of standard wall mounted grab bar, with the well proven benefits of the SuperBar™ for movable support. Comes in your choice of stainless steel or stainless steel white. 18" or 32" lengths. Designed for bathing, toileting and other environments where grab bars are found.

Features: Wall mounted grab bar with pivoting and locking dual rail.

Ideal for Bathroom Safety and Hospital Safety.

Dependa Bar handicap transfer rail

Model #DB-18-SS


The Healthcraft PT Angled Step Rail

Angled step rail This Healthcraft brand is an exceptionally solid safety step, stair rail that provides support in areas where two or three stairs are found. A proven rail designed to suit home or institutional use.

Adjustable Rail Angles... Features an adjustment screw to customize rail angle to suit even the steepest stairs.

Safe Fold Away Storage... Easily folds up to store out of the way and will not accidentally fall down causing an impact injury. A machined precision, tension fit hinge creates stable, rock solid support.

Support For 2 and 3 Step Stairs... An excellent support option for sunken living rooms, decks, patios or 2 and 3 step stairs in garages.

Model #PT-ANG32 pricing for angled step rail

Healthcraft Easy Mount Grab Bars

Unlike 3 hole flanges that limit screw placement, HealthCraft’s innovative 9-hole Easy Mount flange design allows for greater mounting flexibility to structural studs.                                    Model # G125S

pricing for angled step rail


Healthcraft PT Rail for Toilet Safety


Accessible Environments, Inc. carries the finest in handicap grab bars, safety rails, flip down bars, flip up bars, transfer bed rails, toilet safety rails, bathtub bars, shower bars, swing away bars and many other specialty grab bars for residential and ADA commercial handicap applications.

Safety bars are specifically developed to meet needs of those with different abilities. Healthcraft brand flip down, flip up safety rail is a unique offset support rail for use on one or both sides of a toilet. Offset helps to prevent wrist strain when reaching for the lower rail. Pricing is shown in Model options below. The photo display shows a left side PT toilet safety rail (when seated on toilet - use left hand).


pricing for angled step rail


Videos of Healthcraft handicap transfer products - click photo for video demonstration:

SuperPole™      SuperBar™              SuperBar™                                          SuperBar™

                              Bed Transfer           Bed to Wheechair Transfer               Pivot & Lock

SuperPole handicap transfer rail        SuperBar handicap transfer rail             SuperBar handicap transfer rail.                                         SuperBar handicap transfer rail.     



Walker to Bed             SuperTrapeze™           Advantage Rail™            Dependa-Bar™

SuperBar handicap transfer rail.                 SuperTrapeze handicap transfer rail.                  Advantage Rail handicap transfer rail.                      Dependa-Bar handicap transfer rail.




  Smart-Rail handicap transfer rail.





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