your old glue
on shower walls.




 Disassemble your
 shower door by first
 removing the door(s)
 and then the frame.






 Remove the faucet
 handles and the
 shower head.





Some faucets have a decorative cap in the center of the handle. By removing this cap, you will gain access to the screw that holds the faucet handle to the stem. Carefully remove the decorative trim rings from around the stem.

 Score the wall board
 around the existing
 surround to break
 loose any caulking
 sealing the shower
 wall to the wall board.


 Identify which panel
 was the last to 
 originally be installed.
 Carefully pry and pull
 this panel to remove.

 Continue to remove
 the remaining panels.


 Lift the strainer 
 off the drain fitting
 and disassemble 
 the drain fitting. 
 NOTE: Some
 fittings may have
 to be cut off.




Cut the wall board
 with a utility knife
 and remove the wall
 board so as to
 expose the shower
 base mounting

 Remove nails or
 screws attaching old
 shower base and lift

 Remove remaining
 wallboard as necessary
 and clean up work

 Now you are ready
 to install your new
 RealTile bathing unit.


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