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Invisia designer accessible bathroom accessories with grab bars built into shampoo shelf, soap dish, toilet roll holder... beautiful shower benches and seats.... jewelry for your bathroom!


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invisia accessible designer bathroom accessories



Invisia Accent Safety Bar 


Invisia Accent Safety Grab Bar A bold, stylish way to breathe new life into any bathroom, our Accent Bar can be placed wherever support is needed.

invisia accent safety bar pricing

Invisia Accent Safety Grab Bars are available in 4 different finishes, you can be sure your Accent Bar will go beautifully with the rest of your bathroom fixtures.  Install the Invisia accent grab bar vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to give you the right support wherever you need it.

  Invisia Accent Ring Grab Bar 


Invisia Accent Ring Safety Grab BarAdd a touch of elegance and just the right amount of support with the Accent Ring. A unique and incredibly solid handrail designed to contour circular shower fixtures and provide support when accessing controls.  In addition to being a fraction of the size of typical grab bar mounting hardware, Invisia grab bars are watertight by design to prevent rust, and keeps screws completely hidden.


Invisia Accent Ring Safety Grab Bar pricing


Invisia Corner Shelf with Grab Bar 

                          Invisia Corner Shelf with Safety Grab Bar  

Sleek curves and clever practicality never go out of style. The Corian® shelf provides a generous surface that can be removed for easy cleaning. The reliable support rail is always within reach to offer a helping hand. Stainless steel construction means the Corner Shelf stays rust free, and the removable, non-porous surface tray makes cleaning a breeze.

Invisia Corner Shelf with Safety Grab Bar pricing


Invisia Soap Dish with Grab Bar

Invisia Soap Dish Safety Grab Bar 

Make a bold statement with this luxurious centerpiece. Removable soap dish is easy to clean and features the seamless elegance of Corian®, a shatterproof surface that resists the growth of mold and bacteria.


Invisia Soap Dish Safety Grab Bar pricing

Invisia Toilet Paper Holder


Invisia Toilet Paper Holder Safety Grab BarSoft lines and graceful curves blend effortlessly with practicality and function. Instead of a traditional spring-loaded toilet roll holder, we employ a simple metal rod for easier roll replacement.


Invisia Toilet Paper Holder Safety Grab Bar pricing

Invisia Towel Bar with Grab Bar


Invisia Towel Bar with Safety Grab BarA seamless look and feel... Common design elements throughout the entire collection allow for a variety of charming combinations to create a consistent look in any bathroom.

Integrated support rail... Professional grade construction combined with superior quality fittings ensure years of reliable service and rock-solid support.

Invisia Towel Bar with Safety Grab Bar pricing

Invisia Shampoo Shelf with Grab Bar


Shampoo Shelf with Safety Grab BarStore your shampoo bottles on a sophisticated shelf that incorporates a support bar to provide peace of mind.  It also features a removable tray for easy cleaning.

Shampoo Shelf with Safety Grab Bar pricing

designer bathroom accessoriesWe believe the bathroom should be a beautiful, peaceful, and calming place. ...a place where you can relax after a long day and forget about your worries. We also believe that the bathroom should be a safe place.

Everything we offer here is inspired by the idea that Style and Safety are not mutually exclusive. Something that’s elegant can also be functional.
Something that’s beautiful can also provide security

Something stunning can be Safe.
Invisia products get noticed. Most people just don’t realize how safe they are. 

We think that people should not have to choose between a beautiful bathroom and a safe bathroom. That’s why we’re committed to selling bathroom accessories that blend style
and safety. So you can have peace of mind without sacrificing design.



SerenaSeat™ Fold Down Shower Seat


Serena Hardwood Shower SeatA soothing shower awaits with this spa inspired design. In the fold-away position, the SerenaSeat™ has an incredibly slim 3" profile.

A brushed aluminum frame accents the natural beauty of the Brazilian walnut panels. The removable back rest conceals the screws of the 15.5" mounting brackets, providing maximum wall contact to deliver an astounding 500lbs weight capacity.  At the intersection of luxury, comfort, beauty, and safety, the Serena Shower Seat is the centerpiece of your bathroom sanctuary upgrade. Serena Shower Seat gives you luxurious comfort when you need it, and conveniently folds against the wall when you don’t.

Available in 3 stains and 6 different metal finishes, the SerenaSeat goes beautifully in just about any bathroom.

Serena Hardwood Shower Seat pricing



Invisia™ Bath Bench


Bathtub Bench HardwoodBeautifully simple seating, inspired by nature’s elegance. Features hand selected Brazilian walnut panels, sure to add charm to any bathing environment.

Provides convenient seating that doubles as a bath caddy, perfect for a glass of wine and a good book. Easily removable bench sits across the bathtub and is secured in place via adjustable traction feet for a custom fit.

Available in 3 stains and 6 different metal finishes, the SerenaSeat goes beautifully in just about any bathroom.

Bathtub Bench Hardwood pricing



Invisia™ Corner Shower Seat

Corner Shower Seat HardwoodAdd a little luxury to your shower with our elegant Corner Seat that provides a solid surface to sit on while contributing to a peaceful bathroom environment.

Available in 3 stains and 6 different metal finishes, the SerenaSeat goes beautifully in just about any bathroom.

Corner Shower Seat Hardwood pricing


Invisia™ Free Standing Wood Shower Bench

Invisia Free Standing Wood Shower BenchInvisia spa-inspired free-standing Shower Bench is both functional and beautiful. Designed for safety, the Shower Bench fits nicely in the shower, optimizing on space when it is not in use. The moisture-resistant bamboo used for the seat provides a luxurious focal design that enriches any bathroom, giving your space a spa-like feel.

With variety of color options for the frame and seat finishes. There is plenty of selection to find a seat that suits any taste! The Shower Bench is unlike other benches because it is environmentally friendly and easy to clean

Available in 3 stains and 6 different metal finishes, the SerenaSeat goes beautifully in just about any bathroom.Corner Shower Seat Hardwood pricing


All Invisia™ Collection products are covered by a one year limited manufacturer warranty. Buyer hereby indemnifies, agrees to hold harmless and defend the manufacturer/distributor of the Invisia™ Collection from and against any and all liabilities, claims, (founded and unfounded), losses, damages, costs and expenses (including without limitation consequential damages and reasonable professional fees) resulting from buyers specification, application, or improper use of goods described hereon; buyers omission or neglect. The manufacturer/ distributor of the Invisia™ Collection  does not assume any liability for damage resulting from services performed by others or faulty installation, misuse or misapplication of goods.

The manufacturer/ distributor of the Invisia™ Collection shall not be liable for prospective profits or special, indirect, or consequential damages, or for the cost of any corrective work done without prior approval. Manufacturer/ distributor of the Invisia™ Collection total liability hereunder shall in no event exceed the purchase price of the goods specified hereon. BRAZILIAN WALNUT In order to retain the natural beauty of the Brazilian Walnut (IPE), each slat is finished with an extremely durable 2 part oil finish that does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other harmful chemicals. A light brown or red discoloration may be noticed in water exposed to the wood, and is due to an excess of pigments (natural oils) in the wood reacting with minerals present in certain types of water (well water, hard water, etc.). This discoloration is a natural reaction often referred to as leaching and should fade over time. Wipe down after use if discoloration is observed. The applied oil finish also reduces the effects of leaching. If unsure, test wood in local water prior to installation. No two seats are exactly alike. Indentations, slight cracks and color variations are to be expected. WOOD CONTACT SENSITIVITY: Some people may experience a skin rash or other reaction due to contact with certain types of wood. If unsure, test first. All designs & specifications subject to change without notice.



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