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These specialty assisted living handicap baths are ideal for handicap bathroom accessibility. Featuring the bath with a ledge and bath with a dam. Both handicap tub shower and handicap bathtub models available each line of bath.


Assisted Living Bathtub with Ledge

(Photo below is for display purposes only. Accent tiles and accessories may be purchased for additional charges.)

assisted living bathtub with transfer ledge


60x34 Assisted Living Tub/Shower Combo

Unique multi-piece, fiberglass jetted handicap tub/shower combination. Seat at wheelchair height for safe and comfortable transfer for bather and caregiver. "Waisted" center conserves water but still delivers a higher waistline for a more comfortable soak. The virtually flat floor with straight tub walls reduce slipping in the standing area. Functional rail adds both a luxurious appearance as well as a safe guard against falling. The sturdy seat drastically reduces the chance of falling while entering and exiting.

Dimensions: 60" x 40" x 88"price for assisted living bathtub

Model #4APDTSJ6034 — #4APDTS6034

60x34 Assisted Living Jetted Bathtub

Assisted living fiberglass handicap bathtub with warm air jet system. The lowered side adds ease to entering and exiting.

Dimensions: 60" x 40" x 21"

prices for assisted living bathtub

Model #APRJ6034       

60x34 Assisted Living Bath Tub

The lowered side adds ease to entry and exit. The entire outer edge of the tub is a subtle but functional gripping surface. The back has an aggressive slope to maximize reclined comfort. The contoured apron "reserves" space between the tub and toilet thus providing an area for caregivers to assume correct lifting stance and reducing risk of injury.

Dimensions: 60" x 40" x 21"

price for assisted living bathtub

Model #APR6034

assisted living bath tub with transfer ledge diagram

So-Lo Walk In tub with side access door  
so-lo walk in tub

Features of this walk in tub - handicap tub with door model:

  • Designed to address the changing needs of the baby boomer generation and to answer demands in the construction industry for an accessible regular sized bathtub
  • Combination bath/shower
  • Accommodates those who want to shower or bathe without stepping over a bathtub wall
  • Comes with fold down seat
  • Attractive, universal, easy access bathtub design
  • Fits a standard bathtub opening of 60"
  • Optional San Air 12 air jets, check valves, warm air blower and touch pad control - access panel on front for air jetted tub
  • Made in Canada

  • Dimensions: 31"W X 21.5"H x 59.5"L

prices for solo walk in tub

Bathtub with Removable Dam

Available Model:
bathtub with dam

• 60x30 Handicap Bath Tub with Removable Dam

Fiberglass handicap bathtub of "Barrier Free" design has part of the apron at seat height and a 13" step-over with minimal offset between tub bottom and bathroom floor. The apron is removable (by cutting through the silicone sealant) so as to convert to a shower. It may be re-installed watertight if sealed on the inside joint with silicone sealant. Laminate includes ceramic fiber loaded resin matrix.


price for assisted living bathtub with removable dam

Model #TRD6030B16


tub with removable dam demo

72x36 ADA Tub Shower

72x36 ADA Tub Shower Combination

One piece 72" x 36" ADA tub/shower with 18 inch dam and end drain.

Fiberglass tub/shower walls with "Classic" tile look. Luxurious polyester gelcoat finish. Custom tile accenting is available. Full plywood backing on all walls for outstanding strength and customized installation of accessories. No mud setting required.

Molded, removable seat. Accessories must be installed as shown to meet ADA requirements. All accessories are priced separately. Accessories available: Shower valve, glide bar/hand shower, matching soap dish, grab bars, curtain and rod.

W*D*H: 72" x 37" x 73"

Model: CTS7236A18

prices for assisted living ada tub


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