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Stepless Door step Threshold Ramps

Stepless Excellent doorstep threshold ramps are used when negotiating doorsteps consider changing the word doorstep to threshold, because the term doorstep is typically used to describe stairs that lead up to or down from doors. They are used in places where there is an existing doorstep – placing the ramp in front of the doorstep compensates for height differences. The doorstep ramps are sold in kits suitable for heights up to 15 cm / 5.9 inches. This height capacity can manage a tall threshold or a shallow step. The 2 upper layers are loose for accurate adjustment in height. The ramp kit comes complete with accompanying instructions and accessories for attachment and individual adjustment.


Select One of the following Kits
Kit #1: Heights 3/4" to 1 1/2"plastic stepless threshold and low curb wheelchair ramp prices
Kit #2: Heights 1 1/2" to 3"   plastic stepless threshold and low curb wheelchair ramp prices
Kit #3: Heights 3" to 4 1/2"   plastic stepless threshold and low curb wheelchair ramp prices
Kit #4: Heights 4 1/2" to 6"   plastic stepless threshold and low curb wheelchair ramp prices

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                              Bighorn™ Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

The Bighorn™ Wheelchair Threshold Ramps are easy to set up. The threshold wheelchair ramps have a Limited Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer. They have heavy load weight capabilities; Molded miter ends; made with an advanced recycled plastic technology; Designed for superior slip resistance; can be vertically cut for height and notched for door molding with typical rotary saws; Easy to install and comes with high grade butyl rubber peel and stick tape.

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wheelchair ramps rubber low curb ramp

EZ-ACCESS® Rubber Threshold Wheelchair Ramp


ADA approved wheelchair ramp, slip resistant, and made entirely of recycled tires. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, this ramp provides a safe and smooth ground-to-sill transition. It is especially practical for sliding glass doors because it does not interfere with the door track. 48" wide and 2 1/2" high. 600-lb. weight capacity.

EZ-ACCESS® Rubber Threshold Wheelchair Ramp


rubber threshold wheelchair ramp prices

transition modular entry ramp

door threshold wheelchair ramp


EZ-ACCESS® Rubber Threshold Wheelchair Ramp with Beveled Edges


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Simply place the EZ-ACCESS® Rubber Threshold Wheelchair Ramp with Beveled Edges in front of the door to provide a smooth ground-to-sill transition. This slip-resistant ramp is designed to be used on any surface and can easily be trimmed or notched for a custom fit.

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The EZ-ACCESS® Modular Threshold ramp is a lightweight yet durable free-standing ramp designed for doorways, sliding glass doors and raised landings. The modular design, with its interchangeable components, easily accommodates thresholds from ¾" to 6" high. This seam-free ramp is 34" wide and ideal for use with wheelchairs, walkers, and cane users. Made of anodized aluminum and is intended for indoor or outdoor use.

EZ-ACCESS® Modular Aluminum Threshold ramp


aluminum wheelchair threshold ramp pricing

aluminum door step threshold ramp

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