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handicap showers ada showers

Handicap Accessible Showers

Assisted Living Showers, ADA Showers, Independent Living Showers, Handicap wheelchair accessible showers, Shower Wall surround Kits


Best Bath Accessible Shower Packages

that include all of the accessories for a fully accessible shower.

ADA Commercial Showers

that include all of the accessories for a fully ADA compliant shower.

Accessible Shower Pans

handicaps shower seats, shower accessories

Accessible showers for modular homes

54x30 and 54x36 sizes designed specifically for this application.

Designer shower kits

...beautiful design, tile inlays, designer accessories


walk in tubs assisted living tubs, wheelchair transfer tubs

Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs, a/k/a known as bathtub with a door. Many sizes and styles available.

Assisted Livings Tubs

Assisted living bathtubs with side ledge for ease of entering and exiting tub.




All Shower Seats

including ADA commercial shower seats, residential showers seats and tub seats

Rectangular Shower Bench

ADA commercial & residential rectangular wall mount shower benches

ADA commercial showers seats

for commercial business applications and ADA compliant

Mobile Shower Chairs

for ease of entering wheelchair accessible showers without having to transfer in the wet area




Healthcraft Transfer Rails and Seats

Serena Shower Seat, Dependa Bar, PT Rails, Advantage rails, Angled step rails bed safety rails, toilet safety rails, shower transfer bars..!

Grab bar Catalogs

Grab bars for bathroom safety

Toilet Safety Rails

Providing safe transfer and ease of standing, sitting on toilets

Order Grab Bars Online

Order these grab bars online for your convenience

Corner Shower Rails

Corner rails for shower safety

Designer Grab Bars & Shower Seats

A touch of glass in grab bars and seats

Specialty Safety Bars

Specialty safety bars for bathrooms


Grab bar fasteners for thsoe situations where you do not have wall backing. Gives up to 800 lb capacity when properly installed


Toilet Bidet

Toilet bidet great for folks with arthritis or upper extremity limitations


Toilet base riser to elevate your toilet



Weighted Shower Curtains

Perfect for low or zero curb showers, weighted and heavy vinyl for water containment

ADA hand showers

hand shower systems with hose, hand shower, bars, valves

Vandal Resistant Bars & Shower Seats

anti-suicide grab bars, security shower seats, break-away flanges for shower rods, stainless steel etc..


Seachrome Bathroom Accessories

including shower seats, grab bars, flip down bars, commercial bathroom accessories including ADA signs, mirrors, rods, dispensers

Shower Tables & Trollies

Hospital grade shower tables and trollies for ease of patient bathing

Height Adjustable Shower Trolley



Wheelchair Lift Info

Wheelchair porch lifts for HOME and BUSINESS - COMMERCIAL use

Portable & Basic Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Portable wheelchair lift is a great application for churches and stages in schools and other applications where a fixed lift is not ideal

All Pool Lifts

Full line of both ADA commercial and residential pool lifts

Portable Pool Lifts

Portable pool lifts that meet ADA compliance for commercia use and also residential portable pool lifts

Bathtub Lifts

Keep your standard bathtub and use one of our bathtub lifts for safe transfer and ease in lowering and raising while seated on the bathlift.



Threshold ramps

Doorstep ramps, threshold ramps, low curb ramps, portable ramps

Wheelchair Ramps



Handicap Kitchens & Bathrooms

Adjustable cabinet mechanisms for countertops, stovetops, sinks raise and lower for ease of access

ADA Furniture Order Online

All ADA furniture for schools, workplace, library - order online

ADA Library Furniture

ADA compliant library furniture

ADA Workplace Furniture

ADA compliant workplace wheelchair accessible furniture

ADA Portable School Desks

Most popular item! Wheelchair accessible ADA compliant schools desks - portable

Top 3 ADA Furniture Sellers

Most Popular ADA furniture items

Pool Access Chairs

Swimming pool ADA compliant access wheelchairs

Beach Access Chairs

Think you can't go to the beach? Think again and try the Beach Access Chair with big wheels for moving thru sand

Color Charting


Color Wheel for Showers

Accessible Environments Is Your One Stop
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American Company for Handicap ProductsAccessible Environments is an American Company.

Why is it so important to BUY AMERICAN? There are many reasons such as... there are no foreign transaction charges for purchases made from US companies.  Support American jobs.   Better quality products. Reliable warranties...

Find your ADA Handicap Showers, Walk-In Tubs, Wheelchair Lifts, Grab Bars & Seats, ADA Pool Lifts and Much More!


Click on Red Shower for Demonstration

Click Here for a demonstration on this shower package offered by Accessible Environments
Elder Care - Handicap Showers - Made In The USA! Our handicap showers are available in almost any size and style imaginable to fit your dimensions and decor.

Wheelchair Accessible
And ADA Shower Packages including Designer Series!

      designer handicap shower



Made in the USA

American Company for Handicap Products

wheelchair accessible shower door

Barrier-Free Wheelchair Accessible

Shower Doors

These barrier-free wheelchair accessible

shower doors fold and slide all the way to one side or the other. Ideal for wheelchair accessibility.

Made in the USA

American Company for Handicap Products

Accessible Environments, Inc.


Most products we offer are made in North America in either Canada or in the United States.  This provides a standard of quality that is unmatched with warranties you can rely on.


About Accessible Environments
Accessible Environments, Inc. is an American company that provides the industry's best technical support for all handicap products we offer.  We have knowledgable technical staff to answer not only product questions, but also installation questions.  We also have the support of engineers from respective manufacturers to assist with technical questions as well. This expertise sets us apart from other companies in this industry.





Bathtub Lifts


bath tub lift





New Bariatric Walk In Tub!

bariatric walk in tub


Handicap Accessible Showers & Bathroom Safety
Accessible Environments a USA company offers Handicap accessibility, disability, and rehabilitation products. We offer thousands of handicap accessories including handicap showers and commercial ADA showers that are wheelchair accessible for safe entry and exit.  A word from a shower customer.. “Dear Mr. Weis, I want to thank you for all of the help you have given me.  My goal is to keep my husband in our home.  This is a dream come true.  I found a plumber who would answer all my questions and he made a contract for me.  I know God will bless you for what you have done for my husband. Respectfully, Charlotte C.


Accessible also offers bath tubs with a door for those folks who enjoy or need a therapeutic soaking experience.  The walk-in tubs have a side access door for ease and safety as people enter and exit the tub.  Most of the tubs also have 17” high seats to make it easier to rise and be seated.  A word from a walk-in tub customer… “I wanted to take this time to express my thanks and gratitude to you and your company for our bathtub with a door.  The customer service was great from placing the order, to shipping and also some help on installation procedures for the walk in tub in my home. My wife has MS and this was the reason for the purchase.  She has found a new freedom with this unit. This may not seem like such a big deal to some of us, however for her it's just that.  Again, we thank you and your company.” Mike K. - Connecticut

PT Rail floor mount

Grab Bars
We offer a wide variety of grab bars for bathrooms including flip down bars and wall to floor bars for placement next to the toilet.  We offer transfer rails for the bed, bathroom and just about any other room in the house with the Dependa Bar, PT rails, PT angled step rails for 2 or 3 steps, floor to ceiling poles, Advantage rails, Wingits for grab bar fasteners when there is no backing in the wall for installation.  We offer toilet bidets for those having difficulty with upper extremities. Commercial bathroom accessories for hospitals, prisons and mental health facilities.


wheelchair lift residential home wheelchair lift

Wheelchair Lifts
Accessible Environments, Inc. carries the finest in wheelchair porch lifts, both interior and exterior.  Commercial wheelchair lifts and residential wheelchair lifts will be quoted pursuant to the needs of the individual or business. The Americans with Disabilities Act sets standards for wheelchair lifts. The Americans with Disabilities Act helps protect those who have limited abilities from discrimination. ADA governs what must be done by government bodies and other organizations to make their premises accessible to those with limited abilities. For commercial applications, wheelchair lifts must meet ADA standards for design, safety and operation.   If wheelchair platform lifts are used in a commercial application, then they shall facilitate unassisted entry, operation, and exit from the lift in compliance with ASME Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. 


ADA pool lifts by Accessible Environments



ADA Pool Lifts
Accessible Environments, Inc., offers ADA compliant pool lifts for commercial applications. Choose from fixed heavy duty commercial pool lifts, portable pool lifts or commercial ADA pool lifts.  We also carry residential pool lifts which is an easy way to enjoy your backyard pool or spa. Remember the new ADA guidelines for pool access are now in full effect. All pool lifts we offer are manufactured in the U.S.A.  A word from an Aquacreek Products pool lift customer…My life has really changed since my Pro Pool Lift was installed. I have a mobility issue and doing pool work helps me more than meds. I move better and sleep better, can do it myself and gain a feeling of independence. I believe walking without a cane is possible thanks to the lift. The lift moves slowly and you will feel very secure. If you want to give and do something for a loved one – give the lift.” - Peggy- GA

handicap ada school desk



Handicap Accessible Kitchen Cabinet Devices & ADA Furniture
Accessible Environments, Inc. carries the finest in handicap kitchen cabinet devices for raising and lowering cabinets, stove tops and counter tops.  We also offer ADA furniture for schools, work, libraries including portable ADA compliant school desks, computer workstations, therapy tables and more.   It remains our firm belief that all persons should have an accessible home, school, work place, shopping place, etc., regardless of their abilities. POPULAS AD-AS furniture is where comfort meets productivity, for the whole scope of humanity. We offer the best-looking, most durable adjustable ergonomic furniture on the market and support it with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. All of the AD-AS furniture complies with the ADA and meets high quality standards for what feels fantastic at school or at work

Wheelchair ramps


Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps

We offer modular and low curb or low threshold ramps for a variety of purposes.  Designed to address the accessibility needs of the residential and light commercial market, EZ-ACCESS Modular Ramps are an excellent choice when accessibility needs extend beyond the scope of portable ramps. Because of its efficient design (the system uses less hardware and ramps, platforms, and handrails are pre-assembled), a 24-foot system can be installed, including handrails, in less than 30 minutes!

Manufactured in the USA.

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flip up bars flip down bars safety rails for toilet

handicap flip up flip down grab bar

Toilet Safety Flip Up Bars


shower water dams water stopper kits for handicap showers

Water Stopper Kits For Low Threshold Showers

shower water dam water stopper kit

Keep the water in the shower

transfer rail safety grab bars

safety transfer rail

Bed, toilet, living room - you name it! Safety Transfer Rails..


wall to floor bar for toilet


wall to floor bar for toilet


Toilet Safety Rail

grab bars safety rails

grab bar safety rails

Order Straight Grab Rails Here

Grab Bars for Home and Business

angled step rail

Angled Step Rail for safe entry into Garage or low porch

PT handicap Step Rail


Toilet Safety Rail

PT toilet safety rails


serena shower seat

Serena Shower Seat - very popular stylish safety shower seat

serena hardwood shower seat


designer handicap bathroom grab bars and shower seats

Invisia Designer Grab Bars and seats

Designer Transfer Safety Bars... without an institutional look

ADA hand showers

ADA handshower

ADA shower systems

Handshower and valve systems

weighted shower curtain

Weighted Shower Curtains

Heavy Duty shower curtains for low threshold showers

All Grab Bars available for online ordering

grab bars



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