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60x30 Handicap Shower 5 PIECE AcrylX

QSI6030BF5P1.0 60x30 Handicap Shower 5 PIECE AcrylX

White, acrylic, residential bath replacement (Remodeling Sectional). 

Shower comes with:
  • One 42 inch white grab bar
  • Two 24 inch white grab bars (accessories to be field installed on the job site by installing contractor)
  • Handing determined by drain location. 
  • White AcrylX limited lifetime manufacturer warranty

Specify left or right hand drain location for shower. (determined when standing outside of unit, facing it)

Estimate 2 business days to be placed on a truck. Also add delivery time from either Pennsylvania or Tennessee to your location.

shower made in USA

Made in the U.S.A.

Price: $2,426.00
Item: QSI6030BF5P 1.0
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60x30 Handicap Shower 5 PIECE AcrylX

Downloadable Information
QSI Product Details Page for All QSI Models
Easy Base Gelcoat and Acrylic Shower Installation Guide
QSI 6030BF5P1.0 Drawings

Easy Base™ , the patented design process for factory reinforced shower bottoms provides our customers with a pre-leveled shower unit that is ready to install on a level surface. This problem solving feature is of tremendous benefit to construction plumbers, developers and owners by saving installation time and money, and minimizing risk of water drainage problems and soft shower bottoms.

Easy Base™ saves :

Construction Time & Money

Greatly simplifies the installation procedure

Reduces installation time by over 50 percent.

Minimum use of mud, now needed only in the drain area

Pre-Leveled Shower Unit is ready to install on a level surface.

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